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Historic Harlem Nights! October 26th thru the 29th: The American Lindy Hop Championships Festival

Historic Harlem Nights - Jazz and Dance! The American Lindy Hop Championships Festival: ALHC October 26th thru 29th YES online registration has Closed- but that doesn't mean you cannot get in - YOU CAN! You may purchase the door :  ALL Weekend Pass to Social Eves - $125    Harlem Evening Socials  - $25 There are a couple of FREE events  - see below So see you for Historic Harlem Nights!   More details below and the schedule: Make Harlem GREAT Again! Join us for some exciting Jazzy   Hoppin Idlewild Nights at the National Black Theater with  The American Lindy Hop Championships (ALHC). Legends  of Harlem's famed Lindy Hop dance art form will return  home  for evenings of HOT music and dance reminiscent of  the  famous Savoy Ballroom!   We are welcoming back 97yr young Harlem Dance Legend ,  Entertainer and globetrotter Norma Miller; Harvest Moon  Ball  Champions and Savoy Ballroom Legends Sugar  Sullivan, Sonny Allen and Barbara Billups