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Alive and Kicking: Part 5 "Black Lindy Hop Matters" - Really? Will Harlem be more Alive and Kicking in the future?

Harlem’s Dilemma:  Not Alive and Kicking’s Fault                       Aftermath It’s been almost 4 months since one person’s major shock in Harlem about Alive and Kicking . Seeing it on the big screen was indeed a big SMACK for some present, or unfamiliar with what’s happening outside of Harlem with the community’s most famous dance.  Thus the above reaction but honestly some others who were there and who are on the NYC screen were stunned and a little surprised too… Basically they were insulted that it took 40 minutes in the film before this topic was addressed “Where is the Black Community”?  Indeed people of color WERE missing from the filmed scenes - except say a few raisins in the background in scenes – but don’t blame the filmmaker.  There are quite a few reasons why For many of color it’s been a jolt of electricity to see this film…. But then the initial “rush” or feelings get reduced to a flicker.  And back to the “same ol’ same ol’“ routin